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Common Problems

Browser configuration

Can't see an ad?

Make sure adblockers or other script blockers are disabled when testing. You can recognize whether important scripts are blocked in a few ways:

  • Your browser will show an error in the console: (example from Chrome)

Also make sure the SDK is set to debug mode.

Lack of local server

The SDK won't function correctly when running it through the file protocol. You can check this by looking at your address bar when running the game, if it says file:// at the start you are running the game through the file protocol.

Make sure you are running the game on a local server (for example through Python, PHP or Node.js).

Games don't work on Incognito

Chrome's recent security policies block iframed content from accessing localStorage. As a result, games can function improperly on Incognito. Currently, the only fix is enabling "Allow all cookies" instead of the default "Block third-party cookies in Incognito" in Chrome's Privacy And Security settings. However, this solution is unfortunately on the user-side. In order to get past this, please wrap all of your localStorage operations in a try/catch block.

SDK Events won't fire with AdBlock on

In some cases, browsers with AdBlock enabled may not fire certain SDK events such as gameplayStart or gameplayStop successfully. In order to prevent this, you may use a fallback function to ensure the SDK events fire in all cases. Here is an example:

const continueFunction = () => {

if (!window.__adsBlocked) {
    gameSettings.__playingAd = true;
    PokiSDK.commercialBreak().then(() => {
} else {

Sound issue?

Safari doesn't support .ogg-files as audio-files. That means that your game runs without sound in Safari if you are using that filetype. Either try to use a different filetype (without increasing filesize of course) or assess whether your game really needs that audio.

Still having issues?

If you have an issue that is not covered by the above, please get in touch with your Poki contact. We’re also constantly adding more frequently asked questions to this page to better serve you.