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Poki SDK native extension for Defold game engine


You can use the Poki SDK extension in your own project by adding this project as a Defold library dependency. Open your game.project file and in the dependencies field under project add:

or point to the ZIP file of a specific release.

Lua API corresponds to original JS API SDK:

poki_sdk.gameplay_start() -- in JS it's PokiSDK.gameplayStart()
poki_sdk.gameplay_stop() -- in JS it's PokiSDK.gameplayStop()
poki_sdk.commercial_break(function(self)end) -- in JS it's PokiSDK.commercialBreak()
poki_sdk.rewarded_break(function(self, success)end) -- in JS it's PokiSDK.rewardedBreak()
poki_sdk.set_debug(value) -- in JS it's PokiSDK.setDebug(value)
poki_sdk.shareable_url(params, callback) -- in JS it's PokiSDK.shareableURL({}).then(url => {})
local value = poki_sdk.get_url_param(key) -- in JS it's PokiSDK.getURLParam('id')
-- Also, it's possible to check if AdBlock is active.
-- The value updates ones when game init.

It's possible to use the original HTML5 integration manual, but this Defold SDK implements the following points from the original manual, so you can ignore them:

~~1. Include our Javascript SDK~~

~~2. Initialize the SDK~~

~~3. Implement gameLoadingStart and gameLoadingFinished~~

~~7. Prevent page jump~~

Make sure you pause sounds and music when show ADS.

When you get your PokiSDK Sitelock code, just add it to your game as:"Sitelock JS code from Poki")

For security reasons, this piece of code is not public, so please request it from your Poki contact.

If you have any issues, questions or suggestions you can create an issue on github or let your Poki contact know. You can also contact