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Your thumbnail needs to portray the main aspect of the game whether that be a character or a mechanic. Generally, it takes 90 seconds for a user to leave a page if they did not find anything they are interested in, and around 2 seconds on each thumbnail - which means you really need to stand out!

How thumbnail affects success

The first impression players have of your game is your thumbnail, so put extra time and effort into making sure it’s perfect. 💪

To put the importance of thumbnails at the forefront, here are the gameplays for a game before and after a thumbnail change. 📈

Tips for a proper thumbnail

Since the thumbnail is the first thing of your game that the player sees, it’s safe to say it’s important to choose the right one. Here are some pointers to keep in mind:

• Your thumbnail should reflect what the game is about.
• Don’t put too much in there. It shouldn’t be cluttered, but rather have one clear foreground object.
• The image should at least 628px x 628px.
• The Poki playground background color is #83FFE7 so make sure your thumbnail is not too similar in color, as this might make your thumbnail disappear.
• If you choose to include your game’s title in the thumbnail, make sure the typography remains legible in smaller tile sizes (94px x 94px).
Don’t round the corners of the image! We’ll make sure that is done on our side! :)

How to check contrast

One way to test the contrast of your thumbnail is by puttting your thumbnail into a photo editing software (Photoshop, Photopea) add a black box over it. Then, change to ‘saturation’ filter (beside opacity and fill on the right hand side) to see if it the contrast is good enough and no elements are lost. Thumbnail-2
As you can see on the right, some elements are lost due to poor colour contrast; but as soon as the contrast is fixed, the elements become very clear. You should change the value / lightness of the colours until the elements are vivid. Thumbnail-3