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Poki SDK Implementation Guide

Welcome to the Poki SDK Implementation Guide!

The Poki SDK makes it possible to serve advertisements in the game and allows us to track key in-game metrics (e.g. time spent loading the game). We've created our SDK to be lightweight and easy to implement.

Key information

Before you get started we would like you to read some key items about the implementation that holds for all engines:

  1. Make sure that all outgoing links and branding/advertisements (e.g. splash-screens, social links and app-store links) are removed from the game. We provide links to your game in the app-stores on Poki, if available.
    A splash-screen of your own studio is allowed of course.

  2. Implement keyboard-controls whenever possible, e.g. in menu navigation and in-game. 
    Most of our users are playing on laptops, so often they will only have a trackpad available. Using keyboard-controls will make your game more accessible.

  3. Make sure your game is fit for a scalable 16:9 ratio and remove full-screen functionality.
    If your game is an explicit portrait-mode game, see if you can add functionality to the sidebars, e.g. showing unlocked characters. Check this. Full-screen is available from our platform side.

  4. Test your game in the QA-tool after SDK-implementation and send us the log at the bottom of the screen, together with a production build of your game.
    If you have feedback on the QA-tool please let us know by using the feedback-button in the tool.

Please be aware that the above is mandatory.

Start your engine

To get started, please select your game engine:

Unity HTML5 GameMaker
Unity HTML5 GameMaker
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