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How can I see how my game is doing?

Your Poki for Developers overview shows you top-level metrics of how your game is doing on Poki. You can view Daily Active Users (playing vs. non-playing), Engagement (time spent per DAU), Earnings, Ad Performance, Player Feedback, Errors, and more. You can also filter much of this data by country and device type.

How do you determine which games are able to be played in fullscreen?

We take numerous factors into account when considering if a game should be accessible in fullscreen and it is therefore determined on a case-by-case basis. We mainly consider if the player experience would be drastically improved by playing in fullscreen but also take the game’s design, quality, and performance into account. This approach is always evolving as we closely monitor player metrics.

What kinds of payments do you offer?

We pay out developers via wire transfer or PayPal. You can set and change your billing information in Poki for Developers. You can also choose your preferred currency.

Can I include external trackers in my game?

Due to privacy concerns, please consult us before including any external trackers or scripts in your game.

Is there a referral bonus?

Yes, we’re always looking to add more talented game developers to the Poki community! If you have a game developer friend who is interested in or is making web games, send us their info and if they’re a good fit for our platform, we’ll send you and them a nice bonus!

Do you host Flash games?

Although Flash is dead, we have a tool that converts Flash games into HTML5. If you have a Flash game that you want to publish on Poki, contact For more information about this, check out the article PocketGamer wrote about us: Interview: Why Poki is partnering with Nitrome and more to preserve the Flash games of old

Do you have any merchandise?

We have a collection of Poki merch from everyday fashion accessories to bright stationery that expresses the universal playfulness of the gamers of Poki. You can find all of them over at the Poki Shop. We also offer international shipping.

More questions? 🤔

If you have a question that is not covered by the above, get in touch with us by sending an email to your Poki contact.